About The Royal Bengal Restaurant

Our History


Established since 1982

Come and enjoy the experience of The Royal Bengal Restaurant, Woodbridge.

It was my father Shahidul and his close friends who decided to open their own Indian restuarant in Woodbridge in 1982. In 2005 they had the opportunity to hire the highly skilled chef Taposh Mondal. We were able to continue to serve Taposhs signature Goan dishes when he returned to India, as he had trained my father to cook his dishes. In 2014 I took over as manager. Under my management l have made changes, which have been greatly received. The Royal Bengal has had a complete refurbishment. The menu was also updated which now includes a special Bangladeshi section. The menu still contains well known dishes which you would expect. The Royal Bengal has been a part of Woodbridge for over 30 years and we hope to remain for many more. Our priority is always our customers, old or new. We take pride in our dishes, which are made with quality and fresh produce. We are also keeping up to date with things that we can offer our customers such as WiFi. We look forward to serving you if you decide to either dine in or choose to have a takeaway instead.

Come and enjoy the experience.